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Telephone Teller

The system has recently been upgraded, please listen carefully as the menu items have changed.

Quickly retrieve balances, transfer funds and make account inquiries 24/7 with free Telephone Teller.

To access Telephone Teller:

  1. For local callers (in Philadelphia area), dial 215-612-5919.
    For callers outside of area codes 215, 267, 484, 610 and 835, dial 1-877-612-5919.
  2. Enter your Member Number
  3. Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) (if you don’t recall your PIN, call us at 215-612-5900)
  4. Select from the list options below:
    1. Account Balances
    2. Share and Loan Rates
    3. Hours and Locations
    4. Account History
    5. Card Maintenance
    6. Additional Services
    7. To receive an Account Summary by email
    8. Transfer Funds or Make a Payment
    9. Share or Loan Withdrawal by check