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Personalized Check Cards

Enjoy the freedom to express yourself with our personalized, My Card Create. Upload any image of your choice and within a few simple steps, your new debit card will be on the way.

And your first personalized debit card is on us — completely free.


  • Personalized debit card with image of your choice
  • Members must have a Freedom checking account to be eligible
  • Debit card will arrive within 10 business days
  • Your current check card will be canceled after 30 days
  • For more than 1 debit card in 6 months, you must pay a $10 fee
  • Only 1 Freedom debit card may be active at a time
  • Tips for ordering your debit card:
    • Enter your name exactly as it appears on your current debit card
    • Leave the Business Name field blank
    • Existing card-holders should enter the last 4 digits of your current debit card. Otherwise, leave this field blank
    • Note your current debit card will be canceled after 30 days
  • Please see Frequently Asked Questions for more details