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Online & Mobile Banking

With online and mobile banking, you can manage your money at your convenience from wherever you are. Get free 24/7 access to your accounts from any computer, tablet, or mobile device. View your balance, pay bills, transfer funds, and more with our online and mobile banking access. 

Enroll In Online Banking

Digital Banking Features

When you enroll in online banking, you can take advantage of the many benefits available to you to make banking more convenient. 

Transfer Funds

If you want to send or receive money from another financial institution, you can do so with the touch of a button using online banking. You can make this a one-time occurrence or set up recurring transfers.  

Apply For Loans & View Loan Status

You can also manage your loan tasks using online banking. You can apply for an auto loan, credit card, home equity loan, or personal loan.  Also, information is readily available to help you learn more about our product offerings. 

After applying, you can view your loan status, so you’re in the know every step of the way. 

Deactivate Credit and Debit Cards

If your card is lost or stolen, you can bring yourself peace of mind by deactivating it in a few simple steps using online banking. Then give us a call, and we will issue you a replacement card. 

Deposit Checks 

Making a deposit using mobile banking gives you immediate access to your funds up to $2,500. Just take a picture of the front and back of your check and hit the deposit button. 

Export to Quicken®, QuickBooks® or Microsoft® Money 

We make your accounting process easier by allowing you to connect your Quicken, QuickBooks, or Microsoft Money software to the online banking system. Just follow the steps in the system to transfer your financial information quickly. Online banking only.

Order Checks

When you’re running low on checks, you can easily order more online, so you never run out. 

Open Additional Shares and CDs 

As you identify additional financial needs, you can open share accounts, and certificate of deposit (CD) accounts using online banking. 

Pay a Friend

If you need to send money to a friend, family member, or colleague, you can use online banking to send money to anyone from anywhere securely. We also make it easy for you to review the payments you receive into your bank account as well. 

Pay Bills and Schedule Payments

Online banking makes paying bills easier. You can pay your bills, set up recurring payments, so you never miss a payment or set up recurring transfers between your accounts, so your money is in the right place at the right time without you having to remember to make the transfer. 

Security Alerts

We know the security of your savings and checking accounts is one of your top priorities, so you can receive a text or email alert when a transaction is greater or less than the amount you specify. Also, if your account balance falls below a set amount, we will alert you. You can set up these security alerts using online banking. 

View Accounts

You can easily monitor all of your Freedom Credit Union account information for your loans, certificates, and your mortgage. 

View your Free FICO® credit score

Keep track of your credit score with access to your free FICO number. You can also analyze trends and learn how to increase your credit score. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Online and Mobile Banking

How is Online Banking Done?

Online banking is a more convenient and accessible version of traditional banking. As long as you have internet access, you can review your account status, apply for loans, transfer money, pay bills, and more. Online banking allows you to complete many of the financial tasks you need in less time than traditional in-person or phone banking. 

Is Online Banking Safe?

While this is an understandable concern, it’s important to understand that online banking is safe. Banks and credit unions are continually improving their protection software to prevent these attacks.  Thanks to technology improvements, it’s getting easier to protect account holders.  In the event of an attack on your account, as long as your financial institution is FDIC or NCUA insured, you’re protected for up to $250,000. 

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We make logging into online banking easy. 


We make logging into online banking easy. 

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