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Auto Loans

It's time to get yourself a new set of wheels (even if those wheels have been slightly used). We offer pre-approvals for better bargaining power and refinancing for lower rates on existing loans. Both can save you money.

Our in-house service ensures fast approvals and quick turnarounds. Don't get stuck at the car lot without your local credit union backing you up.


View our current rates.

Become an informed buyer with a Freedom Vehicle Buying Advisor! Speaking with our industry expert is FREE and it can save you time and money. In addition, we may be able to help you locate your next vehicle. Contact a Vehicle Buying Advisor via email, or by calling 215-612-6132 — and be on your way to finding the best deal. And ask about how easy it is to apply and get pre-approved for a Freedom Auto Loan.

Expert Advice & Exclusive Offers

Free consultation with a Vehicle Buying Advisor about:

  • Exclusive sales and vehicle discounts
  • Discounts from area dealerships
  • Expert vehicle and pricing advice
  • Finding your vehicle
  • Getting our help in your negotiation
  • TrueCar Services

Pre-Approval/Auto Draft

Make Auto Shopping Easier

Our great rates aren't the only thing you'll like about financing your next vehicle with Freedom Credit Union. Our loan process is quick, easy, and convenient.

  • Apply Now - Get a quick approval with no application fee. Once approved, you'll know your maximum loan amount and your interest rate.
  • Once Approved - We'll send you an Auto Draft by mail, or if you need it right away, you can pick it up at any Freedom branch.
  • Head to the Dealer - With your Auto Draft in hand , you can shop for the perfect vehicle and know that you can negotiate like a cash buyer
  • Take your Time - Your loan isn't processed until you sign the check. We will give you up to 60 days to purchase a vehicle.
  • Sign the check - Fill in the amount, the vehicle's information and make your check payable to a licensed dealer.
  • And that's it! There are no additional documents to sign with Freedom.


Many Members Save Thousands with Lower Vehicle Loan Payments

Even if you got a great deal on your car or truck, refinancing into our low, fixed rates may really lower your payments. It could also save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan or lease. And, we make it easy to refinance a vehicle loan that you have with another lender.

Current FCU loans not eligible for refinancing.


Learn More

Contact a Vehicle Buying Advisor, free of charge, via email, or by calling 215-612-6132 to find the car you want at the best price.

  • To find new or used vehicle values, visit NADA
  • Use calculators to help with budgeting
  • Take advantage of discounts on TruStage auto insurance
  • Mechanical Breakdown Protection - Automobile protection extending beyond your original manufacturer's warranty, covering repairs of unexpected mechanical breakdowns.
  • Save time and money with our car buying services powered by TrueCar