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    Take a Vacation from your Loan Payment

    Just in time for the upcoming holiday season and all of the expenses that come with it, eligible members can skip the December or January payment of your existing Freedom Personal or Vehicle Loan and pay only a low, $28 processing fee for each Loan payment skipped.*

    Skip a Pay is only available for the December or January loan payment. Skips will not be processed or take effect until December 1st.  Please plan accordingly.

    * The promotion is only valid for loan payments due in December 2015 or January 2016. A $28 processing fee per loan will be automatically deducted from your Checking Account and the funds must be in your Account at the time your application is processed or it will be declined. If you do not have a Checking Account, the fee will be taken from your Primary Savings Account. Loan payments can be skipped only on Personal or Vehicle Loans. In order to qualify for this promotion, all Accounts and Loans must be in good standing and each Loan cannot be skipped more than twice per year (once per promotion period). After skipping the payment, your regular monthly payments will resume in accordance with your existing payment schedule. Interest will continue to accrue during the month skipped and your term will be extended by one month. If you miss your loan payment due date for the month the Skip-A-Payment coupon is due, your skip will be declined even if we received the coupon on time. If the Skip-a-Pay request is submitted after the payment due date it will not be accepted.