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President's Message

This past year we introduced a Visa credit card with a 1% cash back feature. If you have a current credit card with Freedom and wish to take advantage of the cash back card you will need to reapply. In addition, if you have a credit card balance with another financial institution we can arrange to have that balance transferred to our Cash Back Rewards credit card and you will receive the 1% cash back on that balance now through August 15th. We do the work and you collect the money, that’s the Credit Union way. Apply online at You can’t go wrong.

In order to keep our promise of providing quick, easy, and convenient service to our members we have started our search for a new Core Data Processing system. The system we currently operate is adequate but that’s just not good enough. We need a system that will grow with us and provide the quality services you are used to receiving. As the search continues we will keep you advised of the timing and the changes that will be taking place.

I would like to thank you on behalf of our staff and Board of Directors for choosing Freedom Credit Union to manage your financial transactions. We promise to keep improving, thereby earning your trust and business.

We wish you all a great summer.

Stop the Merchant Data Breaches

It seems as if almost daily there are new merchants coming forward with confirmed data breaches. In early September, a major retailer was hacked by a new form of malware that infected the company's payment card systems and another encountered a breach that ran from August to October involving the theft of customer data at various store locations. These locations were infected with Backoff malware that has targeted other retailers across the country.

Merchant data breaches continue to be a chronic issue that cost Credit Unions millions of dollars each year yet merchants are not currently held accountable for these breaches. You can help by sending a simple and clear message to Pennsylvania's Congressional delegation: "Stop the Merchant Data Breaches." Contact your Member of Congress by visiting Stop the Data Breaches and click on the "Take Action" link.

Stay abreast of new developments by checking the latest news at Stop the Data Breaches.

Information Regarding Pop-ups and Malware

Freedom Credit Union takes every measure to ensure the security of our Member's data. We do not subscribe to external solicitations including pop up advertisements, contests, or other third party requests for your personal information. If you receive "pop-ups" while on our website or home banking, please do not click on the links as they may be malware. More information regarding malware and how to remove pop-ups can be found at