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President's Message

I would like to share with you some of the services we have introduced recently that bring the concept of "Quick, Easy, and Convenient" to the forefront.

At the branches we replaced the ATMs at Lansdale, Warminster, Abington and Consolation. Now the ATMs have larger screens, they accept checks and cash for your deposits without the use of an envelope, and the machines themselves are equipped with anti-skimming software to help fight fraud.

Several months ago we went live with a new mobile banking provider. The Freedom Mobile App has many convenient features. A Member can transfer funds to any Member account that is already set up in your online banking. You can view transactions and images of checks that have cleared. To help fight fraud you can turn your debit and credit cards on and off before or after each transaction. You can even pay bills with "Picture Pay," just take a picture of your bill and pay it! All this can be done using your mobile device.

When we first launched the app we had 3,900 members register; now we have over 8,900 members using mobile banking to generate 15,000 deposits totaling $4.9 million. Members completed 15 million share to share transfers and we received 159 loan applications through the new service, adding $920,000 in loan balances. The nice thing about all these services is they were done when you, the member wanted to do them.

I encourage you to give the Freedom Mobile App a try. Next time you are making a trip to the branch to make a deposit, use the app. About to write a check, save the stamp, use Picture Pay. These services are safe, easy to use and will save you time, which we all could use a little more of. No trip to a branch, no call to the call center. Quick, Easy, and Convenient is our goal when it comes to member service.

Thank you for choosing your credit union to do your financial business.

Stop the Merchant Data Breaches

It seems as if almost daily there are new merchants coming forward with confirmed data breaches. In early September, a major retailer was hacked by a new form of malware that infected the company's payment card systems and another encountered a breach that ran from August to October involving the theft of customer data at various store locations. These locations were infected with Backoff malware that has targeted other retailers across the country.

Merchant data breaches continue to be a chronic issue that cost Credit Unions millions of dollars each year yet merchants are not currently held accountable for these breaches. You can help by sending a simple and clear message to Pennsylvania's Congressional delegation: "Stop the Merchant Data Breaches." Contact your Member of Congress by visiting Stop the Data Breaches and click on the "Take Action" link.

Stay abreast of new developments by checking the latest news at Stop the Data Breaches.

Information Regarding Pop-ups and Malware

Freedom Credit Union takes every measure to ensure the security of our Member's data. We do not subscribe to external solicitations including pop up advertisements, contests, or other third party requests for your personal information. If you receive "pop-ups" while on our website or home banking, please do not click on the links as they may be malware. More information regarding malware and how to remove pop-ups can be found at