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Financial Calculators

Use these handy calculators to help plan your financial future.

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Save A Million

Ever wondered how much money you would have if you saved on a regular basis? Try Save A Million to see the power of compounding and the long-term benefits of saving on a regular basis.

Rework Budget

Do you wonder where all your money goes? Use Rework Budget to help you get organized and see what you can do to keep more of your money.

Entertainment Planner

How much do you plan to spend on hosting parties? Don't forget all the costs involved. This budgeting tool can help.

Travel Calculator

If you plan to travel soon, take some time to note how much it will cost you. This budgeting tool can help.


Have enough retirement money? Use Retirement to determine how much you'll need to save to reach your retirement goals.

Credit Card

What's the true cost of credit card purchases? Use Credit Card to see the effects of the amount you pay on the total cost of your items.


Which loan terms are better? Use Loan to calculate the cost of a loan or to compare the cost of two different loans.

Gift Log

Keep track of who is on your shopping list, how much you plan to spend, and how well you stick to your gift budget.

Holidays: How Much Should You Spend?

Your holiday spending should be based on your income. So how much spending makes sense for you? Find out using this easy calculator.

Auto Loan

It's important to know what price range to look in when shopping for a car. Binding yourself to a car payment that you can't afford can have a serious negative effect on your finances.

Save for College

Saving for college can be a tricky process. First, you need to decide what type of school the benefactor of this money will attend. Then, there are expenses beyond tuition. Books, materials, off-campus housing, food, etc. You also have to consider that as you save, prices will also increase.


How much house can you afford? A house is a major investment that will greatly affect your financial future. Before you start shopping, be sure you know how much house you can afford.

Back to School Budgeting

Give your children hands-on experience with this quick and easy Back-to-School Budget Calculator. The calculator will help you and your student consider all of your expenses, make necessary adjustments, and hit the stores armed with your pre-determined budget!

Budgeting for Baby

Preparing for a new addition? Let us help you calculate your new budget plan for one-time and monthly expenses. Compare costs of what you expect to pay with actual retail prices. We will then help you calculate your new budget plan for one-time and monthly expenses.


These interactive calculators are intended as educational tools, not investment advice. The information presented is not intended to advise you of strategies applicable to your specific situation but rather to highlight issues for your consideration. Therefore, you should always consult your financial or tax advisor. Your own goals and investment timeline will help you develop a specific investment strategy.

The retirement calculator simplifies several retirement planning issues. Tax rates, inflation rates and projected Social Security benefits need to be considered to get a fuller picture. It also reflects today's dollars; therefore you will need to re-calculate your retirement needs annually and as your salary and circumstances change.

So, whether you are just starting out or managing your nest egg, the calculators provided here can help you make important decisions about your retirement.